Why Nowa 7

Why Nowa 7


Nowa 7 production and warehousing hall is a modern facility which is a part of Wrocław Technology Park, located in Wrocław, Fabryczna Street, serving as comprehensive facilities for the industry. The revitalised PAFAWAG wagon factory, or today’s W-7 hall, offers over 20 000 square metres of space to be used by companies of all sizes as a production hall or a warehouse. The lease offer includes modules that can be adapted to every company’s individual needs.
The hall is tailored to technical and technological needs of the industry (see specification). It is also available for lease and allows lessees to run their business comfortably and comprehensively.
It is worth noting that the offer includes not only warehousing and production spaces for lease, but also offices (area up to) as well as training and conference facilities (4 conference and training rooms with full multimedia equipment). Comprehensive infrastructure essential for running a company considerably facilitates industrial business operations.

Hala Nowa 7


After restoration, Nowa 7 has not only regained its former splendour, but, first and foremost, now it serves entrepreneurs as a production hall and a warehouse for lease in the centre of Wrocław. Nowa 7 has been created especially for companies that are looking for a non-standard warehouse for lease in Wrocław, tailored to their needs and ensuring the development of their business. It is also a production hall adapted to run a business which involves handling both large-sized devices and complex, high-tech production lines.


The hall is located on the premises of Wrocław Technology Park, in the area intended for industrial investments. It provides broad possibilities in terms of the revitalisation and reindustrialisation of this part of city. Proximity of Wrocław Technology Park and its residing companies is also an advantage. The companies make use of laboratory and research infrastructure and search for business partners who provide specialist services to cooperate with. Nowa 7 is a new venue for entrepreneurs. In the area of 13.5 ha, owned by WTP, occupied by the warehouse for lease and the Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Technology, there is a complex of industrial plots intended for sale and development by investors.


Nowa 7 hall has been prepared to meet the needs of companies operating in sectors such as optics, biotechnology, electronics, IT, automatics, pneumatics, as well as electrical engineering, energy or metal working industry.


The main aisle, which is 40 metres’ wide and over 13 metres’ high, allows the installation of large-sized specialist equipment. The hall space may also be adapted to warehouse needs. Warehouse space may be freely developed, and individual modules may be connected together, which makes it possible to carry out laboratory or production activities.