Lease organization

Lease organization

Production and storage modules

  • It has been assumed that the tenant would be able to lease approximately 850 m2 of storage or production space or a multiple of this number.

  • The rental zones of the storage hall are separated transversely to the longer axis of the hall, so the tenant always has access to sanitary and social boxes located along the length of the building.

  • Most of the rental modules are accessible directly from the outside.

Social facilities

  • Both the production area, the storage area and the social and sanitary area will be equipped and finished according to the tenant’s needs. It is up to him to decide on the arrangement and type of partition walls, internal doors, etc.

  • Water and sewage systems, ventilation, heating, electricity and telecommunication installations were brought to the indicated places presented in the construction design. The design does not include sinks, showers, heaters, toilet bowls, etc.

  • Utilities’ connection is provided in the floor and in the ceiling space. Electric switchboards, provided for each rented module, enable the distribution of electrical installation in accordance with the tenant’s needs.

  • There are fully equipped kitchens and dining rooms in the common areas.

  • The individual rental modules have their own energy, heat and water meters.

Office space

  • Office spaces for lease are designed as one space interiors. It is possible to divide them into smaller rooms.

  • Electricity submeters are installed in the office lease areas.